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reparing roof damage from a hurricane

structural damage to homes caused by a hurricane

In the case of severe storm damage, whether by hurricane or tornado, time is of the essence. Most insurance policies require the home or business owner take immediate steps to prevent additional damage. So if your roof has been breached, for example, it is your responsibility to get it covered, albeit temporarily. If you have glass broken out, it needs to be boarded up. If you're a business, steps must be taken to protect inventory. Electricity and/or gas must be turned off, city services and other utilities need to be informed in writing, and access to the property needs to be established to let adjustors and estimators do their job. Tidal Restorations is ready to help when you need help.

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Beyond the initial damage estimates of a fire, you have to be thinking about - and be ready to support - your damage claims. While sorting out your personal items, or, if a business, your inventory, there is also a level of other damages that need consideration. For a homeowner, it can include the cost of finding another place to live. In the case of a business, you'll need a basic time-frame with regards to when you may reopen. While there will always be fixed costs, there will also be secondary issues that you need to be prepared for. Tidal Restorations is also here to help determine approximate timelines so you and your insurance company will have the information needed.

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Whether damage from a hurricane's rain and/or storm surge or rising rivers, water damage can have its own set of challenges. One is simply gaining access to your property, especially in the case of mandatory evacuations. Another is that some materials can be repaired instead of replaced. Work ranges from simple projects like replacing drywall and installing new carpet and/or flooring to the complete reconstruction of rooms or even entire sections of a home or business. This also usually includes rebuilding and/or replacing foundations. Then there are the after effects like the potential for mold re-appearing. Each of these things need consideration.

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Why work with a Restoration Contractor?

A restoration contractor is much different from a general contractor. General contractors usually spend their time building new construction, most of the time with a "clean slate" from which to work. Restoration contractors, on the other hand, must approach a job differently, having to take into consideration hidden damages, uncertain structural integrity, and more - including having to re-build as opposed to build. Think of the difference replacing the engine in your car compared to the factory putting it in new on the assembly line.

Understanding Insurance Claims and Forms.

Another reason to hire a Restoration Contractor versus a General Contractor is their experience with insurance companies and government assistance programs like FEMA. General contractors usually have little to no experience with these agencies. Missing so much as one line on a form - or not filing the proper paperwork in a timely manner can cause major delays or even refusals from insurance companies and government agencies. Tidal Restorations can help show you the best way to file all associated claims.

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