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Storm and Hurricane Home Restoration Services

reparing roof damage from a hurricane


Of the two hurricanes on average that make landfall on the U.S. East Coast every year, 16 percent have impacted North Carolina and 11 percent have impacted South Carolina. These state's proximities and the average track of many Atlantic-based hurricanes combine to make these two states vulnerable. 47 hurricanes have made direct hits on North Carolina and 31 have landed in South Carolina since 1851.

Inland storms and tornadoes are another issue. Over 40 tornadoes affect North and South Carolina every year. Damage from wind and hail can range from small branches in the yard and a few roof tiles missing to the complete loss of a home or business.

Tidal Restorations understands the mental, physical and financial stress catastrophic storms can have on people. And we have the experience and know-how to know the right steps to take to get things back to normal as quickly as possible.

Fire and Smoke Damage Services

Flood and Water Damage Services

Why Tidal Restorations?

When disaster strikes your home or business, whether from storm damage, fire, or flood, it's important to know what steps to take. Tidal Restoration Inc. has years of general and restorative contracting experience and combines that with an extensive knowledge of insurance coverage, FEMA and SBA loans and more. We understand what is necessary to restore your property, and your life, back to normal.

Getting Started.

From the very first step to the last, knowing what to do after a disaster strikes is critical in the recovery process. For instance, most insurance plans require the insured to take immediate steps to protect property from further damage. Tidal Restorations can provide you with an effective plan of action - from start to finish. We’ve got the experience you want and knowledge you need.

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